Lindner's Farmhouse Cider 12OZ Can 4PACK

Lindner's Cider is a production cidery in the Western Catskill Mountains in a town called Hamden. Having apprenticed as a cidermaker in the West Country in England, founder Bryan Lindner was drawn to the Catskills because of the density of wild, untouched and pre-prohibition apple trees whose characteristics reminded him of the cider apples in England. Realizing that those trees would take years to bring back to full potential, we focused on creating a hybrid cidery?one that utilizes the eating apples available in abundance and focuses on using traditional cidermaking practices to develop greater complexity and nuance. By capturing wild yeast around the Catskills, allowing long and slow fermentations and blending with the diverse wild apples, we feel we've created ciders that are rich in flavor, long in finish and balanced?making you want to come back for another glass.