Delinquente "Bizzarro" Aperitivo Bitter

Quoted from winemaker Con-Greg Grigoriou: "The main part of the process of interest for Bizzarro is infusing the botanicals in the wine. We use our organic and biodynamic Vermentino as the base wine, which is vinified with a few days on skins to give a bit more depth of flavour and structure. The main botanicals used are lemon and orange peel - and lots of it, the fruit sourced from a neighbouring farm in the Riverland. We also use gentian and rhubarb root, juniper, cinnamon bark, coriander seed and other spices and herbs but I can�t give away them all! Once the wine has been infused with the botanicals, it is then sweetened and fortified. We sweeten with raw sugar syrup, and fortify with neutral grape spirit sourced from my sisters distillery - Needle and Pin. While it is an aperitivo in flavour profile it is made like a Vermouth - so it is less viscous, with much less sugar added - about 1/3 as much as is in Campari. It's more balanced, and I feel more usable in cocktails as it isn't as overpowering."