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Puech Redon "Apparente" Rouge 2019

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Puech-Redon is a large property: in total 380 hectares are split between 200h of cereals, 52h of vines and over 100h of woods and garrigues. Cyril's grandfather acquired this land in the aftermath of World War 2 and Cyril himself has been at the helm for over 20 years. Under his father, the property was farmed conventionally for 30 years. Cyril, seeing the potential of such a large, contained area, decided from the get-go that it had great potential for organic agriculture and prioritizing biodiversity. "It was a choice I imposed on myself. Besides the incredible bore of working conventionally, with its by the book itineraries traced step by step by lobbyists for large phytosanitary corporations, I wanted to prove that within organics, you could work in poly-culture on a large surface and still be profitable. I learned to feed the soil and not the plant, I reclaimed the link that unifies the farmer to his land. The vines have been worked organically since 2008, and the cereals since 2010. Over the last decade I've been able to observe the immense consequences of such work. The effect of a culture without chemicals on such a large surface is truly impressive: for the soil, the plant but even more so the animals that had deserted us slowly coming back to our lands." For wine making, minimal-intervention was evident though not obviously attainable. After a chance meeting with Eric Texier, the two instantly sympathized. Through a bond of shared experience, they agreed to collaborate on the vinifications.