B. Dubois Saumur-Champigny "Rococo" 2018

Organic/Biodynamic Bruno Dubois currently farms 3.5 hectares of vineyard ranging in age from 45-65 years old. The vineyards are inter-planted with native brush and trees, flora and fauna are nurtured with bird houses, bat shelters and bee hives. The top soils in the vineyard are clay and limestone with a base of the famed tuffeau stone Bruno established himself in Saumur-Champigny in 2002. He immediately began to convert the vineyards to organics in 2002, and converted completely to 100% organics in 2004. In 2012 the vineyards were certified EcoCert and certified Demeter biodynamic 2015. Before landing in Saumur-Champigny, Dubois worked in the cellar and vineyards of the late Marcel Lapierre in Villi�-Morgon. The stewardship of the land and steadfast passion for organics and non-interventionist winemaking he learned from Lapierre translated perfectly to the soil and climate of his home village. Dubois' philosophy in the cellar is to produce wines with as little human interference as possible, native fermentation, no pumping, light extraction, low or no sulfites. The result is a transparent expression of the grapes that hold the integrity and history of Saumur-Champigny.