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Ca' dei Zago Prosecco "Col Fondo" 2018

Founded in 1924, Azienda Agricola Ca' dei Zago maintains 6 hectares of vineyards in Valdobbiadene in the province of Veneto. What makes Ca' dei Zago's Prosecco unique is that it is "col fondo" or "with sediment" as it is double-fermented in bottle on its lees. This results in a Prosecco that is slightly cloudy with the sediment still in the bottle, a characteristic commonly found in Prosecco until the 1970s when pressurized tanks were introduced. Practicing organic. Varietals: Glera, small amounts of Verdiso, Perera, and Bianchetta. The grapes are harvested and selected by hand then pressed, using the delicate force of gravity. Grapes never pass through pumps. After a smooth pressing, the must rests and decants for 24 hours. At the end of the second day the must is racked off and fermentation begins. The wine is poured and sulfer is added. For the whole winter season the wine doesn't go through other pourings and is decanted in tanks with periodical remuage, in order to keep it homogeneous and to let the yeasts work. The cellars are outside so the exposition of the wine to the winter cold in addition to the contact with the lees produces the natural tartaric and protein stability of Glera wine.