Dinavolo Vino Bianco "Catavela" 2019

Catavela is a blend of two wines: one of which is a wine that comes from the same vines as Giulio's Dinavolino: Malvasia di Candia Aromatica, Marsanne, Ortugo, and an unidentified varietal. These grapes are left on their skins for about four months. The second wine is from two parcels which were planted in 2006: 'Cassinera' and 'Campo Rotonde.' 'Cassinera' is one hectare of Malvasia di Candia Aromatica and Marsanne, while 'Campo Rotonde' is two hectares planted with Ortugo, Terbbiano, Malvasia, Marsanne, as well as Santa Maria, Savignon Blanc, and Muscat as required by the DOC regulations. Grapes from these parcels undergo a shorter maceration period of about ten days, as a longer maceration would only add overly-aggressive tannins. The soil here is rich in limestone with very little clay. Its aeration causes a later vegetation and maturation while herbs planted between the rows of vines provide a healthy microsystem. The finished blended product is a fresher, younger, and more easy-drinking wine.