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Domaine Jaugaret VdF (St. Julien) 2016

Jaugaret encompasses a mere 1.3 hectares of vineyards, made up almost exclusively of Cabernet Sauvignon (80%) with some Petit Verdot and Malbec to supplement this classic M�doc structure. The average age of the vines is over 50 years (as of 2011) and some of the Malbec vineyards are in excess of 100 years old. This combination of grape varieties permits Jaugaret to find the ultimate expression of the terroir of Saint Julien, taking advantage of the deep gravel beds and the long growing season that mark St. Julien as a unique and special appellation. The old vines of Jaugaret combined with the unfertile, gravelly soils results in naturally low yields which again provide the wines of M. Fillastre with a concentration virtually unequalled in Saint Julien. Here is a truly unique wine from a gentleman who follows the most classical traditions. Monsieur Fillastre harvests his ?field blend? usually in one or two days. The grapes are placed into a small press and are crushed manually. The cuvaison is long, frequently extending three weeks or more. The wine is then racked into small barrels (only a minor percentage of which are new) to complete the malolactic fermentation and then are left to age in a small, damp underground cellar with minimal racking for approximately thirty (30) months. The wines are never filtered before bottling. The wines of Jaugaret, relying so extensively on Cabernet, are built to last.