Early Mountain Chardonnay Quaker Run Vyd

From the winery: 2016 is our second vintage of this wine, made from the oldest Chardonnay vines at our Quaker Run vineyard (planted in 1999). While it would be easy to call this wine our "Reserve" Chardonnay, that doesn't get to the heart of what we are doing with the wine. Since we've realized this is a special block, we took the approach that we would bottle it separately, from pruning on through fermentation. This meant precision in the vineyard and patience in the cellar. Because of the reliance on ambient yeast for the fermentation, and the ripeness of the grapes, the wine fermented from September 2016 until July 2017.. The wine continued to rest on its lees until January of 2018, when it was bottled. This wine is marked by its long fermentation and extended lees contact with the sort of yeast/bread character you might expect from Champagne and the roundness and texture that you might expect from a full malo Chardonnay, though the wine retains acidity even with full ripeness. This wine has density and extract while remaining nimble and detailed, something we think is specific to this small block of Chardonnay planted on the side of a mountain in 1999.