Envinate "Taganan" Blanco 2020

T�ganan is Guanche (the native Canary language) for slope. It is also the name of the northwestern part of Tenerife where the vines grow wild on cliffs of pure volcanic rock just above the Atlantic Ocean. T�ganan Blanco is made from many different white grape varieties (some of them unidentified) and comes from very old parcels planted in between 75-300 meters elevation which are farmed by 15 different families and Env�nate. The viticulture is very old-fashioned: the vines grow untrained, the soil is worked by hand, and no chemicals are used. The northern coast of Tenerife experiences a fairly temperate climate, enabling grapes to ripen at moderate alcohol levels while retaining bright acidity. The main challenges to viticulture are winds from the Atlantic and Africa and fluctuations in humidity. The grapes are hand-harvested, fermented with wild yeasts by parcel (some with extended skin contact) in vats, and raised in small tanks and used barrels for 8 months. At bottling a touch of SO2 is added, but there is no fining or filtration.