La Kiuva Arnad "Rouge de Vallee" 2017

La Kiuva is a tiny co-op in Pied de Ville, Vall�e d'Aoste. It was created in 1975 and produced its first vintage in 1979. Today, it consists of just 60 growers who own a total of 25 hectares of vines (18 ha in DOC). Its total production is around 8000 cases. Most of the grower-members farm organically. Each grower tends to their small plot (not unlike Burgundy) while the co-operative's agronomist oversees farming, ensuring the highest quality of viticulture is obtained. "Kiuva" designates a bale of chestnut leaves, used to feed animals during the winter. Vineyards: they are located between 380 and 500 meters above sea level and enjoy good drainage. White and aromatic varieties are planted at the higher levels, producing elegant, lighter wines. Lower vineyards are planted with red varietals, producing wines with greater structure and body; most of these wines are oak-aged. The older vineyards are pergola-trained and the newer vineyards are cane-trained along wires. The diurnal difference is greater than in Piemonte, due to the proximity of the Alps, thus prolonging the harvest period.