Maracame Tequila Plata

Maracame is produced by one of the finest tequila makers in the world, Tequila Supremo. Commercially known as Casa Camarena, Tequila Supremo is owned and operated by La Familia Camarena of Arandas, Jalisco. The tequila known as Maracame is named for the spiritual guide of the Huichol people. More than just a medicine man, the Maracame serves as priest, historian, and even as a civil servant within the community. In order to become a great Maracame, long years of intense physical, mental, and spiritual preparation is required. This premium tequila pays homage to the spirit of such effort and cultural importance. Produced from sustainably grown, 8 year old agave, the Maracame Plata has fresh bright notes of green apple, grilled pineapple, sweet potato, and citrus. The texture is round and buttery but nicely structured with good heat. Long minerally, spicy finish. Maracame plate shines from first sip to the spicy and mineral-driven finish. An elegant sipper that also performs beautifully in your highbrow agave cocktails.