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Monte dall'Ora Valpolicella Saseti 2020

The wine comes from the estate's own vineyards in the plain of San Pietro in Cariano. These lie at 70 meters above sea level, on terrain whose topsoil is rich in clay and whose subsoil contains a lot of gravel and mud. The vines were planted in the 1960s and are Pergola-trained. Grape varieties: 40% Corvina, 30% Corvinone, 20% Rondinella e 10% Molinara e Oseleta. Harvest: harvest takes place at the end of September/beginning of October, in cases containing 20 kg. Crushing is carried out the same day. Vinification and ageing: spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts for 8-12 days, with manual movement of thecap. Storage is in stainless steel. When Alessandra and Carlo Venturini first discovered Monte dall'Ora it was love at first sight. As children of farmers, they were excited and challenged by the hard work it was going to take to restore these ancient vineyards. Located in Castellroto, in the hills outside of Verona, the vineyards of Monte dall?Ora are planted on a base of limestone soil and form a natural amphitheatre facing southeast towards the city. In fact, portions of their vineyards are planted on ancient dry stone terraces called marogna, a design in which large stones form the exterior support structure and smaller stones form a spit of land in the interior. This brittle stone, in which fossils and petrified shells can be found, allows for excellent drainage and deep penetration of the vines. The Venturinis are firm adherents to biodynamic principles. As such, they encourage the growth of biodiversity by planting herbs such as rosemary and lavender in the summer, whose fragrant blooms are attractive to bees; and sowing cereals in the winter, whose roots move and aerate the soil. In addition, the Alessandra and Carlo have emphasized traditional and native grape varieties wherever possible.