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Saccomani Ortrugo Frizzante 2019

Love and passion for the land and its vineyards are the values that have characterized the Saccomani estate since its origin in the 1940s when Giuseppe Saccomani began growing table grapes. In the mid-80s, the company changed its perspective and allocated its entire production to wine grapes. Today, the winery is managed by the 4th generation of vignerons, Claudia and Luca, who joined the company once they finished their studies in food and agriculture. The winemaking at Saccomani starts with careful management of their vineyard, as the grapes must arrive in healthy condition. In the cellar, nothing is added except very small doses of SO2 at bottling, fermentations are carried out spontaneously, and the wines are not fined or clarified. They have always made sparkling wines obtained by natural refermentation in the bottle (metodo ancestrale), which they believe allows for the most expressiveness of their local grapes and terroir. The choice to make natural wine began with Giuseppe who, in the early 2000s, completely eliminated chemicals from the vineyards, and who never used additives in the cellar. Claudia and Luca expanded on Giuseppe's work, requesting organic certification in 2018 (with full certification granted in 2020) and experimenting with new techniques like biodynamics and permaculture. Today, the estate comprises 12ha located on various parcels, all in the Diolo area, within the municipality of Lugagnano Val d'Arda. A part of the land is made up of red clay, typical of the Piacenza hills, perfect for obtaining structured red wines. The other part is located inside the Parco del Piacenziano and is an area with sandier soils rich in fossils dating back to the Pliocene age giving wines of aromatics and freshness. The range wines, like the Saccomani family themselves, are all authentic, direct, and honest.