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Vignai da Duline Schioppettino 2018

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In the late 1990s Lorenzo Mocchiutti and wife Federica Magrini inherited a few hectares of vines from Lorenzo�s grandfather. These vineyards, mostly neglected for decades, were planted primarily with old vines of local grape varieties like Tocai Giallo, Malvasia Istriana, Tocai Fruilano, and Schioppettino, as well as more common varieties like Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, and Merlot. Today, their holdings cover seven hectares divided between hillsides and flatlands, including Ronco Pitotti, one of the oldest hillside vineyards in Friuli, with vines dating back to the 1920s. Their respectful, holistic approach to vineyard management is summed up in their philosophy of �No Trimming the Shoots� and �No Herbicides.� Though it is generally accepted that vines are trimmed of excess leaves or fruit to concentrate a vine�s efforts toward healthy bunches of grapes, Lorenzo and Federica let their vines find their own balance, choosing not to trim any of their vines. In addition to this unconventional practice, they do not use herbicides to prevent growth of unwanted vegetation between rows of vines. Instead they plant a type of alfalfa, erba medica, that when cut acts as a natural fertilizer. Lorenzo and Federica�s significant efforts in the vineyard combine with hand-harvesting, two sortings of the grapes, and natural fermentation to create age-worthy wines of great purity. This husband and wife team sum it up best: We believe our wines can convey our respect for the delicate balance of our environment, the care and personal attention we afford to every stage of the production process, and our pursuit of the highest quality wine and viticulture. The grapes carry a memory of the earth they grew in�