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123 (Tres) Tequila Anejo

Founded by long-time agave cultivator and distiller David Ravandi, 123 Tequila is an artisan producer of certified organic tequilas made from estate-grown lowland agaves northeast of Guadalajara in Jalisco, Mexico. Ten-year-old, slowly ripened agaves are cooked for two days in traditional stone ovens to concentrate flavor, fermented with ambient yeast, then double-distilled in a stainless steel alembic still.
Aged for 18 months in white oak barrels, 123 Organic Tequila A�ejo (Tres) emerges with a prominent woody character and deep golden hue. It initially sends heady notes of tannin and wood oil to the nose, yet the aromas mellow in the glass, giving way to rich caramel and chocolate elements.