Cappellano Barolo Chinato 750ml

To call the recipe for the Cappellano family's legendary aromatized wine from Serralunga d'Alba a closely guarded secret is rather an understatement: it is said that Augusto Cappellano will even go so far as to purchase certain ingredients with no intention of ever using them, just to throw the curious off the trail. Whatever the process, however, the results are stunning. Aromas of cinnamon, clove, black pepper, cherry cola, blood orange rind, bay leaf and menthol. Many of those notes come through on the palate as well, where they intermingle beautifully with cherries jubilee and bitter dark chocolate. The finish is lingering and impeccably balanced. May be consumed as an aperitif, with soda and a squeeze of lime, or straight as a post-dinner digestivo. Or, if you wanted to substitute it for the sweet vermouth in the world's fanciest Negroni, we wouldn't tell... -DTP