Dudognon Cognac Vieille Reserve 20 Yr.

The Dudognon family, located in the Grande Champagne town of Lignieres-Sonneville, has produced Cognac since 1776. Their spirits are made from 100% old-vine Ugni Blanc grown on deep, chalky soils. Everything is family-run at Dudognon: the grapes are harvested by the family, the wine is made in their small chai, and Claudine Dudognon, along with her husband Gerald, do all the distillation themselves. Even the staves to the barrels are air-dried on their property. Most Cognac producers have contracts with larger houses which require them to supply young Cognacs every year. While quality is important in this arrangement, it is not always assured. With only 10 hectares of vines, the Dudognons convert all of their grapes into wine before distilling it themselves during the early winter months. No chemicals or nitrates are employed in the vineyard, and absolutely nothing is added to their eau de vie on bottling except water. Beautiful nose of ripe pear and vanilla with a touch of dark cocoa and musty rancio. Rich textured in the mouth with round peach and citrus notes. Subsequent sniff reveal some fresh wildflowers and spices. Takes a more serious turn on the finish with dark earthy minerals. So much going on here! An astounding, eye opening value.