Familia Partida Tequila Anejo

Hails from Amatit�n, Jalisco, Mexico. Partida was originally a supplier of agave that started producing and bottling not long ago. An example of the masculine style of the lowlands of Jalisco. Practicing organic. Ambient yeast is employed in fermentation. Estate grown 100% blue agave, slow roasted for 18 hours in stainless steel ovens. Distilled twice by law. 40% abv. No additives. No glycerin or colouring. Aged 18 months in JD barrels. Beautiful pale gold color. Soft cigar box and vegetal peppery aromas. Hints of tropical fruit abound, ginger, guava and sweet peppercorn. Orange wedges. A big framed structure. Light funky white pepper all the way through. Complex and heady, but also fruity and fun. Long cool complex finish. An almost perfect Tequila. ch