Fangareggi Lambrusco dell'Emilia Puro!

Vitivinicola Fangareggi was officially founded in 2005 by Giuseppe Fangareggi, but the tradition of growing Lambrusco grapes has been in the Fangareggi family since the 1800s. Today, Giuseppe's son, Matteo, runs the farm along with his mother, Margherita, and his uncle, Roberto. Giuseppe and Roberto mainly take care of the vineyards, Margarita takes care of reception, and Matteo takes care of everything else, including the winemaking. Their wines are produced only from the family's 24ha of vineyards spread across eight parcels in the provinces of Reggio Emilia and Modena. Grapes are pruned and harvested by hand and the vineyards are practicing organic with an advanced integrated pest management protocol, without the use of chemical herbicides or fungicides, using mechanical weeding, and organic fertilizers. In the cellar, Matteo uses only indigenous yeasts for primary fermentation to produce six types of sparkling wines, both red and white, with a focus on the production of Lambrusco. These are authentic and joyful wines, perfect with the meats and cheeses Emilia is known for.