Hendrick's Gin 750ml

Produced in small 200 L batches in Ayrshire, Scotland. Carter-Head and Bennett stills are employed. 11 botannicals: Cubeb berries (from Indonesia), Meadowsweet (from Northern Europe), Lemon peel, bitter Spanish orange peel, Coriander (from Morocco or Eastern Europe), Orris root (Morocco or Peru), Juniper berries (from Italy and Serbia) and Angelica root (from France and Belgium). Rose and cucumber infusions are added separately from the other botanicals. Distilled four times. 44% abv. Bitter herbs and over-steeped tea not on the nose. Lots of orange peel throughout. Lemon lime notes in the nose. Maybe a touch of smoke as well. Soft and citrus-y. Light. Very strong herbal snap on the finish. There's some funk that resides. Lime peel! ch