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Inaki Garrido "Las Toscas" Blanco 2021

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I�aki Garrido is an exciting new voice in the Canary Islands. Originally from the Pa�s Vasco, the Basque autonomous community in the north of Spain, I�aki studied fine art and industrial design In college, then went on to formally train and work as a sommelier. Over time, it became increasingly clear to him that he needed to work in the vines. He went back to school in Rioja for An advanced degree in viticulture and enology and started his first wine project there with friends. His search for a special vineyard of his own drew him to Tenerife in the Canary Islands, and the oldest, highest zone of the Valle de G��mar on the east of the island, called Las Dehesas. It was in this ancient mountain zone that I�aki says he found everything he had ever wanted: 1/2 hectare of own-rooted List�n Blanco vines, aged 150 to 200 years old, growing at 1400 meters above sea level on poor, rocky, volcanic soils over sandy clay. Convinced that the altitude and soils in this part of G��mar allow List�n Blanco to retain acidity and express itself fully, I�aki moved to Tenerife full-time in pursuit of this profound mountain parcel and produced his first Canary Island wine in 2019: 1200 bottles of "Las Toscas" List�n Blanco. I�aki farms organically and vinifies Las Toscas naturally. The bunches of List�n Blanco were pressed very gently (for a low yield of 55%) and underwent fermentation with native yeasts in two 500L barrels (one new Stockinger and one used french barrel), racked from the gross lees after fermentation and returned to barrel to rest on the fine lees for 6 months with no b�tonnage. Even relative to the fascinating range of expressions of List�n Blanco from Tenerife (from Orotava to La Guancha to Santiago del Teide), Las Toscas is unique. Aromas are delicate, with chamomile, fennel, and subtle citrus; the palate is long, enveloping, and Atlantic, with cool fruit and List�n Blanco's trademark mineral depth. The label is a drawing by I�aki Garrido, inspired by an old engraving.