Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto

Italicus is produced at Torino Distillati in Moncalieri, founded in 1906 and led by the Vergnano family of craft distillers. Its is based on a recipe for Rosolio liqueur dating back to the 1800s. Here Silician citrons and Calabrian bergamot oranges from a protected area of origin (IGP), are gently pressed in cold water. This is a process called sfumatura, which releases their essential oils, though it is rarely practiced in modern day distillation as the botanicals (which also include rose, chamomile, lavender and gentian root), macerate for up to 10 days, an unusual length of time. Today most distilleries shortcut this process, but the founders of Italicus adhere to the Rosolio's traditional production methods, to ensure a best-quality product. The mixture is then fortified with natural beet sugar, Italian neutral grain spirit and pure water.