Mezcal Union

Produced and distilled by a group of families in San Baltazar, Oaxaca. A blend of Espadin and Cirial Agave (Cirial closely related to Madrecuixe). The Espadin is 8 year old and Cirial is average 13 year old. Pinas are roasted in dugout pits over Encina wood for 4-5 days. Tahona stone ground, 5-7 day wild yeast fermentation. Copper pot still distillation. Nose: lots of saddle blanket, horsehair, light smoke with some delicate berry fruit notes. Then wet paving stones, brine, lemon zest. In the mouth, rich entry, generous fruit, super minerally but luscious, the Espadin influence. On finish the Cirial comes through: earthy and peppery. Would make a great cocktail base, as well as a perfect gateway for folks just starting out with mezcals. Not too challenging, but true artisinal mezcal at a very decent price.