Probitas White Blended Rum

A rum "Dream Team," if there ever was one, the Probitas is a unique collaboration between two of the oldest, most respected distilleries in the Caribbean. A blend of pot and coffey (column) still rums from Foursquare Distillery in Barbados, and double-retort pot still rum from Jamaica's Hampden Estate. The Foursquare pot still component is tropically aged for two years, and lends a pale golden aspect to the final blend. On the nose, fresh vanilla bean, custard, plaintain, guava, chomomile, with a hint of brine. Oily texture in the mouth - the weight is impressive, and beautifully supported at 47%. The OWH marque from Hampden is one of their lowest ester marques, giving a distinct Trelawny dimension to the blend, without overpowering it. The rich pot still flavors on the entry gradually lighten to crisp citrus and pineapple notes on the finish. 100% tropically aged, there is no addition of sugar, color, or multi-column (neutral) spirit. This white rum is literally in a class of its own. If you were looking for the way to elevate your daiquiri, this is it.