Takenotsuyu Moon Mountain's Dew Nama

A combination of Yamagata specialty Dewasansan sake rice with Miyamanishiki, both milled to 60%. Bright floral nose, zippy, zesty and surprisingly delicate on the palate. A true Yamagata-style elegant sake bursting with fruit but well balanced by pronounced acidity. Releasing this sake without pasteurization keeps the flavor lively, fresh and remarkably dynamic. Takenotsuyu lies at the foot of Mt. Haguro, home to one of Japan's most holy Shinto & Buddhist shrines. For generations, Takenotsuyu has brewed sake for use in the rituals of the shrine. Master brewer and owner Masao Aisawa is proud to grow all of the rice used to make their unique sake, most of which are rare varieties only grown in this area of Yamagata Prefecture. The Shonai region of Yamagata has long been one of Japan's premier grain producing regions, blessed with a good climate and lush nature. The brewery is surrounded by the "three Dewa mountains" whose waters flow down to provide the brewery its clear, soft water. "Dewasansan" is a sake rice unique to Yamagata prefecture and named after these local mountains.