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Vincent Cuillier "Chemin des Rois" 1.5L

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Vincent�s work in the vineyards is driven by observation and relies on two main principles: permaculture and agroforestry. He promotes soil health through the preservation and augmentation of biodiversity via full cover crops in the spring, low-no tillage, and home-made compost and plant preparations. Additionally, besides nourishing the soils. The mulching of cover crops protects the vines against extreme temperatures, limits soil erosion and reduces weeds. In a somewhat pioneering fashion, Vincent embraces the centuries-old concept of Agroforestry � the intentional integration of trees into a crop system. In this case, in his vineyards. He believes the grape vine to be one of the most sensitive crops to its environment. By planting trees among the vines, the plants find balance, community and "their place" in a more complex and diversified ecosystem. In the cellar, Vincent�s aim is to interfere as little as possible in order to highlight the work he and nature have achieved together in the vines. His inaugural cuvees see slightly different paths to the bottle. For L�Arbre (Meunier from Les Voyets), indigenous yeast fermentation takes place in small stainless steel tank, followed by a full year of tank aging. This vintage cuv�e spends the requisite 36 months sur lattes and sees no fining or filtration before being disgorged by hand with zero dosage. The Chemin des Rois (Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from Mont Age) is fermented with indigenous yeast in barrel and sees absolutely no additives. A full year of aging takes places in barrel, followed by 24-42 months sur lattes, without fining and filtration, nor any added sulfur or sugar/dosage.